Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hope For Lungs Benefits Concert!

Here is the flyer for the 'Hope For Lungs' Benefits Concert I am directing. I have pretty much been running like a mad women the past month after returning from Pittsburgh and sending 'My man' off to Virgina. I wake up everyday and have a hundred things to do. What a great opportunity though. It's really been one of the more challenging things in my life to put something like this together all while my life around me is changing. I'm not sure which one is more stressful having My Man gone, running the entire school, chasing Mj around while she is trying to get down potty training or putting this concert together. I came to the conclusion it's all of it happening at once. I really wish that I could just do one at a time but Heavenly Father knows doing that would be way to easy. So I get to learn the lesson of balance and prioritizing. I am so thankful to good friends. Mindee is one of those that trys to take up some of my slack and also give me a good laugh once in a while to help boost my moral. What I love is how when you get so busy and then you just get a chance to sit its likes a wonderful day at the spa!! Speaking of that I think I might treat myself to one after this is all said and done.