Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pres. Hinckley

Words can not convey how you can feel happy and sad all at once for such a passing. He was a wonderful inspiration to man kind while he served. His willingness to work to the very end is a true testimony of what he lived for. I will keep this in my heart as I feel overwhelmed by life's bellows and trials.....and think my lot is hard. What a wonderful prophet and leader. He was so good hearted. He lead me from adolescence, to a young lady and into motherhood. His homecoming would have been grand to have attended. He will be missed but he has surly lead the way.....

Friday, January 25, 2008

Leavin' On A Jet Plane

My Eyes Say It All!
Mj and I said goodbye to The Man of our lives today! It was so heartbreaking to see her with her face pressed on the glasses doors at airport security. She kept asking for "daddy?" all the way home. I just felt so numb as he walked up the airport escalators to board his plane, that was already boarding when he was still in the security line. Our goodbyes were quick but our eyes said so much. We will not see him for a while....lets just say it will seem like too long. I will miss him so much that I can't even feel right now. I kept wondering how couple do this? I can't believe I will have no one to come home to at the end of the day. I can't possibly understand the loneness that my man will feel. I at least have Mj to hug and hold. Here is a touching picture of their goodbye......

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Three Posts for January!

My Man's Buddies Bowling with us wifees
This is our Trip to Boise Idaho January 17th-20th. Yes I know I was suppose to be in Pittsburgh until January 20th but lucky me I got a phone call from My Man on Monday that informed me that he was know leaving to Virgina earlier then expected. TRY TWO MONTHS EARLIER THEN EXPECTED. I flew home all day Wednesday to get home to be with him before he leaves. He really wanted to go and see his family before he left so we hopped in the car the next day and drove to Boise. He and I had a lot of fun. I wished I'd taken more pictures because I got to see one of my dance teachers Cheryl and take a class from her. It was so good to see her I can't believe how she hasn't aged a day since the last time we saw each other which has been since before I got married. One of the other high lights was being able to see all my old roommates from college and have lunch at Amber house. We had so much fun catching up on everyones lives up until now. A lot has happened to each of us in just a few short years. Any ways here are a few events I got around to actually taking pictures of. Love the one of Jessee she looks so cute prego. The picture next to it is of Ormand , My Man and I's Step father. He had a 70th Birthday bash this same weekend. There was dancing and the whole family came to it. Funny thing is I use to think 70 was OLD but really he is still so young looking and still very active. So I think its just that I am getting old enough to realize that years can not tell you your age, you do!

Visiting JamieBug in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Most of you might already know but January 7th I went to see my sister in Pittsburgh. She was a little skinny when I first saw her and thought how the pictures really didn't show this on her blog before I came. But it didn't take her but a few days and she was laughing and talking with me and asking for her arm to get scratched! Later in the week she wanted to start scrap booking again so we went and got a few things to get her started. Her book is really coming along here are a few picture and sweet moments from when I was there! I miss you Ja.....

My Bestest Friend!

Nothing is like a Mothers Love!

Our favorite nurse "Nurse Dan" He is so wonderful to do the little things for my sis that make a long hospital stay not so horrible. He even rubs her shoulder when they ache from the hard bed!

Here is a video of her walking her 1/2 Mile every morning and night while I was there. She was one of the only patients that wasn't walking with a walker. That didn't really surprise me much, she knows how to push through almost anything now!

Her Ol' stand by, her closest friend, her companion....her faithful husband.

The New Rexburg Temple!

We went to see the NEW Rexburg Temple the first of January as an eternal family. We had alot of fun! It is so beautiful...mostly because it has so much detail. A local artist did all the painting in one of the rooms it was to die for. I wanted to cry. I can't believe how wonderful this experience was for us. Myriam was an angel the entire time. The Temple helpers keep saying she is so cute and sweet. It helped that we had her little monkey leash . I know what your thinking I thought leashes for kids teeter on being cruel but I have learned the hard lessons from a two year old.....the old game of "catch me if you can!" So needless to say I use the leash on just such occasions......Like seeing the Lord House.