Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My amazing MAN.

I had surgery this past week on March 7th 2012. One of the most nervous days of my life, so far. I was totally freaked to go under. I have never had any major medical situations most of my life. Besides my horrible eye sight, really I've only been treated for, what my doctor thought, was Endometriosis since I was 14. Even then it was just treatment. Treatment with Hormones is normal for females and I was never really diagnosed. Mostly because the only way to diagnose Endo is to cut the patient open. Through Laparoscopic. Not the favorite choice for most people. So, I went on a birth control with a hormone in it to help. So here I am 17 years later with my eye sight at an alarming -11.5 and my uterus, after two kids (which I am thankful to have because Endo patients can not have children in most cases), falling apart. Well not falling but hurting and ...well you get the point. So I went in to get a looksy to see what has been going on the past 17 years. Results being that "yes" I had quiet a bit growing and a lot of scar tissue. So after an hour and a half surgery I was released to my sweetheart who took time off to be with me through this whole ordeal. Thats mostly what this post is on about how I fell in love with my husband of 10 years this past week while he nursed me back to health. He had to help me to the bathroom, bring me everything needed, made food, took care of the kids, cleaned up the house so visitors and I would feel more comfortable, did the dishes after every meal, got up with me a night, did I mention handled all the errands while watching both the kids and on top of all this he did every stitch of laundry in the house Sunday night then took one more day off so that I could sleep in one more day and rest. Its going to be hard to come back to reality hahaaa. I know it took every fiber of himself to do all this on days off. He didn't really get to sleep in ONE day out of 6 days off. I am the first one to say that sometimes house hold duties do not get a pat on the back as often as I should I have the theory "if you pooped in it you can clean it too" But I can see when acts of love through the language of Service NEED a "pat". I couldn't help but have my "cup over flow" with love each night when I lied down and he would lovely hold my hand.
On another side note....want to know how I know I am an -11.5 eye sight? My sweet husband took me in to see if I could get Lasik done this year like I have wanted like FOREVER! We found out I am not even close to being a candidate they stop at -10. He again was so wonderful through that horrible news. He holding off on his Lasik even though he is a candidate, let me go shopping and kept telling me we needed to get a second opinion on mine. So I did. Come to find out there is another option for me its called "Visian". He wants me to do it even though it's twice the amount as Lasik. I still think I am, I just told him I wanted to save for it instead of running right out and getting it done this month. One word sums up my MAN this month....SUPPORT.
I know this is a mushy post but Hay! I do have a GREAT husband. I want to shout it out to every corner of my house and neighborhood! Not sure he'd like the much attention but its well earned that's for sure!

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