Monday, March 8, 2010

Swimming and Easter Dresses!

We have been telling Mj for the past Four weeks that we would take her swimming. It seems like every time we plan to go something would come up or she would lose it by the end of the week from having a bad day. Well so My Man and I decided that Mj would NEVER be able to go swimming if we based on her having a so called good She is my little monster. We began to feel horriable that we had promised this to her since January and still had not taken her so we pinkie swore to her that we would take her .....I was so tempted that day to TAKE swimming away from her after she was pretty much a raving monster for three days straight ....but no I just took a deep breath and got her ready. She had a blast and so did My man and I watching MJ giggle and laugh. Bo even got to go SWIMMING. He had fun until his lips were blue from the being in and out of the water.

I always buy a Easter Dress every year for Easter its a Tradition that my mother did for all of us kids as we grew up. I still got a church dress up until I got I think it a good way for you to remember what Easter is all about, the gospel and going to church to remember all that the Savior has done for us. Here are the first set of pictures after the first time wearing the Easter outfits to church....notice the way they start and how they slowly become very ...whats the word....frustrated the

Finally....I just needed!