Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To my biggest fan.

I have to tell you that my biggest blogger fan is my sister Jamie. She really gets involved if I do not post at LEAST once a month. I know it doesn't seem that hard to do but we have a internet set up that hardly ever works....frustrating. Anyways I am make a promise to at least try to post once a month. If you get more that would just be crazy huh.....

Here is the month of October .....

The wonderful Days of Fall

Mj dressed up as a good witch for her
Pre School she looked so cute.

Yes this is my friend spraying her wedding dress PINK! She was really over her first No really it was for her costume this Halloween In fast we made all the costumes for our fun theme this year.

Her is is making the scarecrow and hanging out with a friend.

Mj's Birthday Party~

Mj had all her friends over for a masquerade party and they watch Garfield Halloween...if you know me you know you can not go a Halloween without this hilarious film.

Here is Alice and her Painting the roses red cards....Brants kids and Mj.

Mj even had a witch come to her party and tell them all a scary tale and hand out goodies from her pumpkin bag...... was my sister Ja. She was in from Arizona for the week. She did a great job...side note * she did such a great job that one of the kids was still talking about a week

Here they are making there spider cookies....

My parents Halloween Party later that night......yah long

The Great Oz, Dorothy and Toto

The Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts

Sleeping teenager, Jocky and a Twilight Vampire

Bonnie and Clyde

Headshrinker and "Yummy" Pretty creepy...there was more but I didn't get, my dad. he was a Zombie Biker and he was really freaky looking.

Halloween Night!

Bo 6 months old