Monday, March 26, 2012

March Maddness

I CANT NOT BELIEVE it is the end of march already!! Where in the world did the month go. I had surgery and it seemed like the month just flew by. I am feeling happy to see the spring coming but sad that the days are going by SO fast.
On a side note I have had a great break from all my training this month just letting my body rest. No gym or ballet classes...which is a hard one for me. I have a had a restful time with my kids and husband. I know there are things that need to get done but I just feel like I want to just be mellow. I did get the basement storage room done and the bathroom painted... pictures to come soon. I promise....I have been really bad about pictures lately. I use to carry my camera EVERY where. I has been a while since I have even taken any pictures worth posting. I will try try to get a picture soon of what we have been up to.
I had one of my close childhood friends in this week at my house. I posted about her before in an older post. "Meme" is a great girlfriend and she always knows when to be there for me. She travels far to come to important things in my life. Plus she is my "bouncer". Not an actual BOUNCER hahaha....This is a word I got from a great councilor. It means a person that can always see things from other angles so they give you a good prospective of what is actually happening. Which I guess when you think about it is a lot like a physical bouncer that would protect you from harms way. But I think it really more like "bounces off from" Like your rubber and I'm ..well...rubber too...hahaa. I have a few of these types of friends. She is one I love to use because she always stays neutral in her position if it involves love ones. I was using family members. I think this was mostly upsetting my husbands ability to feel comfortable when he would get around family. Not because he does horrible things all the time. Its just hard to be in the company of people all the time that KNOW what you may be ashamed of doing last week. They were not there in the room after it got fixed between you and the other person. I try to use safe "bouncers". People who will not use the information against you later or won't vomit your life to everyone they encounter. I love this friends for that. She never makes be feel like I am being judged or that she is going to blab it off to anyone. She is also is a women who has build her life up to be what she has wanted it to be. She is on her way in singing and playing the guitar. Her band is the opener for John Micheal Montgomery in July. She still teaches her first love Jazz and hip hop for competition teams where she lives. Plus, she goes to school full time and has three kids that are very bright and well behaved. She is very intelligent. Has a easy time getting school down and is always willing to learn. Her knowledge of gospel history is very strong. She just lives her life! She may do it differently then some but she lives at her pace. She seems to pull all of it together to really make it work. She will be getting into her first home hopefully this month and I am so happy for her. She has waited along time to have this much balance in her life. I wish I could just follow her to her house and live next store. But I know she and I will always be close. I am hoping to go see her house in April and maybe go on a trip sometime with her and her husband this year.
It was hard to see her leave today. I know its obviously what has to happen its just hard to live so far from all my besties. My sister lives 21 hours away (another one a miss all the time), I have a bestie that's 9 hours, her, that lives 7hours and only one or two that are 2 to 3 hours away. I have some friends here too (don't want to forget them). I just hate that some of my closest friends live SO FAR AWAY. Its life, I know not everyone can stay next to each other forever plus it makes thing fun when you get together. I love my life here and I love my companionship with my best friend of all, my MAN.
What would life be with out meeting friends for fun weekends and vacations. That's what makes us look forward to something. I know even though I am not with my besties they are always with me and I with them. They are my heavenly sister anyways, right!
........"God be with you....Til meet again."

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