Thursday, March 12, 2009

Strong Bad Hygiene

This is one of my favorite videos of strong bad....I hope you enjoy its humor like I do every time I watch it! Thanks Brant for making me LOVE strong bad!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Month of Feb....

My biggest brother Corey AKA Corky went into the Navy to train to become a Navy SEAL! He left the last Tuesday of February and I wish I had a picture to post of him but I don't. So I thought I would share how talented he is......he made from scratch the guitar above! Totally cool!

We went to one of my close friends wedding. Kim Bo she is finally married! They look so cute together. This is us playing at the reception after. Mj is so funny about pictures she LOVES IT!

My Man helped one of our friends move on his Saterday....he is too sweet. I wasn;t much!

I did one of my best friends little sisters hair for her Sweethearts dance. She is too cute! Love ya Lit'l Dee.

This is the friend I spoke of in the last picture~ Yes, she is pregant! She delivers only three days after me! We had to get a picture of this moment. When does that EVER happen. Thats what she gets for hanging out with me 24/7 last!


My brothers wife made this amazing suger cookies....we fought over them....they were that good!

One of the traditions that we do for the morning of V day is make heart shaped pancakes and everyone gets a love letter from someone in the family full of mother always made us feel special on the that morning before we went to school. I thought it was a good way to pass on the love......