Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our never ending month.....



I went to Boise to be apart of the 3rd Annual Choreography workshop that a close friend and mentor of mine does and is so gracious to let me be apart of every year. I was so glad that I was there this year even though I had just given birth and was bummed that I was not in the shape I want to be to do such things. Watch for this film on the Local Boise access channel but will try to post the film or pictures on this wonderful workshop as soon as I get something to post.

My Man played golf with his buddies! We had alot of fun with them hanging out with them. He wishes he could move there but mmmm....the job economy there is horrible. Too bad I miss the warm weather there.


This is what Mj did the entire two days of the yard sale! People didn't now that the stuff she had was really in the yard sale because she played with the stuff the ENTIRE day. And then if they would go to buy something she had been playing with or one of her toys, she follow them around telling them it was hers. I would remind her we are selling it for Jamie! She would say " Oh, for Jamie! Ok, she is in the hospital and is sad huh".

My biggest helper mother!


We had a fun pizza night as a family in June. Made the dough from scratch and used my mad "Papa Murphy's" skills I awired as a high schoolin' They were really good funny thing is I am not sure you really save money doing it this way. Fresh food and all the ingreatants are just about the same as going to buy one.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ending the Spring on a great note!

Lovely yard you can tell he just loves

Mj with her favorite Friend. They had so much fun playing princesses in the back yard. These are the dresses we made for the performance for the school this month. We had professional pictures taken so I will post them as soon as I get then next week.

Playing with grandpa on the 6 wheeler. She truly loves this more then anything at the moment!

Barb a Q at our friends house!

2009 Spring Show

My baby flower!!