Monday, August 16, 2010

Oops I missed some summer adventures!

Ok so I have really confirmed now that I am HORRIBLE at blogging. But I will someday be as wonderful again because my sister still is I have someone to look up to wait .....I mean down to ....haha. (she is shorter then me)
So anyways I missed like a few, well more like a handful...ok its like a dozen activities are family did this summer. I will post one everyday this week so I can catch up. So one day I can print my blog book!!!

We stayed in a cabin with some of our buddies from My Mans work. It was such a blast and very relaxing.

Here is our super cool friends with their families super cool boat!!

My man took me for a boat ride! Ok maybe I should row the boat Dork!

More missed memories of summer 2010 to come!.......