Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We Love The Sun....So We Went To It!

My big boy turn one in May! I am so behind sorry guys.

He got this cute boots from my mom and the cool ride from his Nana.

The after math.....

With his Daddy...totally cute.


Off to AZ for our family vacation for the summer!

"Don't get TOO close baby."

Just love these old guys....just amazing to think how long they have been around.

My little sweetheart!

Hangin out with Jamiebug and Bry!

Lots of pool time and not as many Time Outs ...yippy! (ok so there is one timeout below)

"We are some fine American women!" SNL

Gettin in some sun! Not hard to do there 105 degree days

That is his new look super funny in real life

I love my big sis!

My little rock star....I know you are sittin there thinkin she is going to be something someday!!

Thats is how it is done.....

Mj pretty much followed Bella everywhere!

Bo Barfed (projectile vomited, I should say) and My Man made me wait while he took a picture. Lets try this again and you have him in YOUR lap this time.

My Mans first time at In-&-Out

On to Vegas my friend....

My Bestee from High School!
We went to the Shark Reef. These is my favorite species I think they are super cool!

Mj pretty much hung on everything there

My Bestees little girl and Mj. They are going to break hearts guys!