Saturday, May 10, 2008

At Bush Garderns

Mj and Daddy rode alot of rides together. It was so cute to see her get so excited to
ride on each one. Daddy I think was just as excited to ride along with her.

Me and lit'l the crazy head. She is a hoot. I can not believe how she has no boundaries with
people. She reminds about how we should be more happy and inviting to everyone
around us. She will just say "hi" and "bye" to about every person we sit or walk by.

Sleepy head

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sunny sunny day!!

Mj in her sun dress. So hip she needs to wear shades.

What a cute beach bum!! He so good he let Mj put sand all over him almost the
entire time we were there! Love his soft hand with her. Well ladies I just love his hands all together.

Tori Doll and me on the beach with the kids. Oh yah and Darren...I am still
thinking about that last picture. Anyways she is so amazing. Glad to have her there she makes going over worth not having to sit in the apartment everyday.