Thursday, October 14, 2010

Part 9: Lost Summer Memories 2010

Guys I am getting so close to catching up! I hope to get all my post done before next week! 3 more Lost Memories to go....

This is a trip I did one day to see my childhood buddy/cousin. She called me and told me she was going to be in town and wanted me to come see her at my Grandparents cabin. I loaded up the kids and headed down the whinding path "The W" back to my childhood. I spent a many a summers and hunting seasons in this cabin. Not sure I would be the same me without it.

Pure country!

Welcome to the Ranch....

My grandparents. Resting this rarley happens they are usually busy busy.

My absolute favorite .....fried zucchini!

Best hostess in the world! I am totally bytes but she is my grandma, people~

Having a yummy picnic.

Both my cousin are expecting...this one has already delivered as of two days ago on Saturday.

Punch stains are so cute on little kids!

Sitting by the stocked pond. yes, I said it ....there are ALOT of fish in this pond. My husband just can't ever catch anything in it...haha.

My baby girl. She is getting so big. I love moments like this with her.

Mj's buddy Layla

My cousin and childhood friend

We found the ruins of the tree house her father built for us girls when the boys wouldn't let us in theirs. Her dad built this really big one that surpassed the boys one...haha. It was our little hiding spot we loved it!

Mj took the picture with my cousin and I so she wanted a picture was sad to see the tree house didn't make it through the hard winters, Mj would have loved climbing in it.

The old red wagon....we use to play with this all the time and it was OLD then...haha

Mj decided even though one of the wheels was broke off, she was going to fix it so she could pull Bodi around.

Mj fixin' on her wagon!

I love little trips like this food, family and relaxation. Good for the mind, body and spirit. Love life and live it. I am glad for the place I came from and look foreword to the place I am going. Mwah!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Part 7 & 8: Of (the freakin long) Lost Summer of 2010

One of my bestee's is in a bluegrass band called "Blue Sage". Her group won the opportunity to open for Patti Loveless! Star struck, I really wanted to go. Her mother called me and invited me to tag along with them that weekend. I was so excited! Plus it was going to be a super surprise for her because she didn't have any idea I was coming. I am so proud of her. She just decided to do this and it has changed her life. She plays the guitar now and performs all the time with her band and has gained a new favorite friend. One the band members, who pretty much set everything up, has become really close to her. I love to see her so happy. Some pictures of our trip! Prepare to be impressed....

Blue Sage

Deep in thought.....or trying to get the butterflies to go away!

The performance! And backstage after.

Me me and her honey ...awah!

Her and I had our baby boys with in days of each other! Isn't he super cute?

~My childhood friend~

Ok so I am......

7 hours in the car! Good thing my bestee's sister was there to keep me company.

Later after that wonderful weekend trip. We had a family reunion and a missionary return for my bestee's bro. I didn't get any pictures of the return but I did get some of the reunion.

My Cousin Becca. Love her to pieces but don't get to see her very often. Here is her newest little one.

My Uncle Mikee...this is my amazing uncle again someone I rarely see but have alot of memories with when I was younger. He is a professional artist over in the New York area. He is a professor and has painting in the art shows all the time. He is always so supportive of my sister and I talents. I love him to pieces wish he lived closer so I could hang out with him more. His blog is on the side with all my favorite things. Check it out!

At the tail end of the reunion we had a trail ride with my other cousin, grandpa and mom. we love to go by the river. It was beautiful ride and doesn't take very long to get to. Here we are playing with our horses!

On a sad note my mothers horse had to be put down the following was heart breaking for my mother. A email from my mother......
I spent most of the night last night at the vets office. 
My posse horse that I trained from a colt couldn't get
her gut ache to go away. The vet did every thing he could
think of and 4 sedation shots later, we finally had to let
her go. I trained her from a colt and she was the easiest
riding horse I've ever rode. She and I lead the drill and
parade this year in state competition and our team one
second in both. Ruby had her intestines all in wrong places
and a twist in them also. There's no explanation for these
things from the vet they just happen. Thought I'd let you
all know, since I need some time to feel better.

Love you

....Part 9 & 10 coming soon!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Part 6: of Lost Summer Memories of 2010

Yellow is the color of Hott! Hot is not what it was this summer but it did slowly heated is some stuff we did in the mean time.

I told you I missed a lot this summer. They just keep rolling in. Some of this things I completely forgot I even did. Good thing for my camera its my saving grace in this department.

This summer we went to the park down the street with all of my brothers kids and mine. We had a great time playing on the swings until i was ALL swung out!

Can I just say how freakin adorable this picture is!! My little Bo.

The children you are about to see are my brothers kids. We live kitty corner to them. In two old colonial style homes. My brothers oldest is 6yrs old. Brendon was moving so fast this was the only picture I got of him....haha. (above)

Brady so cute! He Mj's age only a couple months younger is all. They play really well together.

This little dolls name is Joslyn she is sooo a princess but totally can rough it with the boys....well she IS surrounded by brothers.

The is baby of the family (for now more on the way) Jerom. after the baby is born this Decemeber that will make 5... feehw...sounds like a posse to me!

We had a little yard sale! It was a little weird for me to have a yard sale without a cause. I have always done Jamie's CF yard sales or fundraisers for her. It was weird to have one just for our little family....I even felt bad for some reason keeping the was my stuff I sold right....haha. Here is Bo and I just before we went to get lunch!

Another this that happened that I missed a post on was my cousin getting married. I got some really great pictures of my moms side of the family. I grew up with these guys we have a really close extended family.

Here is the ladie of the hour.....Katie
I felt old because I use to babysit her!

She is standing next to her oldest sister Leah. We were the bestest of friends growing up. We still are close are friendship just picks up right were it left every time we hangout together.

Childhood buddies!....we hated to love each other. Love hate relationship for sure! We would get into the biggest fights until our moms would want us to be separated and then we would cry "NO!, but I love her SOOO much!" Yah we pretty much drove everyone crazy....

My grandma. This women is one of the most amazing people I have met in my life. She is the host with mostest and the best cook around. This is a women that NEVER forgets anyone's birthdays even though she has so many great grand kids and grand kids to count. They always are giving to someone. I hope to be just like her!

Awha totally cute!

Grandmas and grandbabies!

Nana always come to visit us as much as she can. Mj loves it when she comes.


We are at the park on Sunday with my family.

Look at the face....I love it!

Lazing as usual

Grandpa pushing Mj on the swing! What a trooper.....

Reflection is always a good idea I felt like this picture captured this. I try to do this often as a mother, wife and daughter of God. I love Sundays for that being able to think about your week and how to be a better YOU.

Still More to come ......Part 7-12! I am going to have to speed this up a bit I may be posting more then once every week so stay tuned.