Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Month of Birthdays and Partys...and Bunnies!

HAPPY EASTER and last month too....

Easter Sunday at Grandma Nina's

Mj's First Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Grandma
Video at the end!

Mj wasn't eating the CANDY? What? She went right for the real! With the shells half off too. I was floored but she did look cute while shoveling it in her month.

Grandma and Grandpa

Hangin' with the boys.....her cousins.

Here's the food...... is Mj!

Mj's cute Easter Dress....its a tradition.

Easter Morning April 12th!

I made Mj a really cute cover for her Book Of Mormon for Easter. I hope she takes care of it. But she is my little tearer .....and I mean she likes to tear things up. I explained to her.."this is a special book has Jesus in we take care of it and don't eat it ok" was like talking to a dog about beautiful flowers they just look and smile.

For the love of PEEPS!

Easter Egg Decorating! At 10pm yes we have a bust Saturday so we didn't get to the tradition until late that night with alot of protesting from my husband but we have fun. Mj even told me "that looks nice sweetheart" love how she copy's me .....only when I am GOOD mom.

Mj's closest friend had a Birthday Party she was so excited that she had earned to go to the BIG Party out of town. She kept asking on the way there....."we are almost there, huh mommy?"

Eating lunch on Saturday

Look at that!

The Community Easter Egg Hunt....duration ....30 sec....yah we missed it by 30 seconds.

My belly ....finally a picture....

Easter Bunny....she just walked right up to him...she really scares me sometimes.

THE BIG 30! Jamie was in for three weeks. I loved it. We really had a fun time. We celebrated her 30 year mark. She told me she never really thought in high school that she would make it til 30. She had a great turn out and was so happy so see everyone......I miss her already!

Anna came and stayed with me too!

This is Anna sleeping.
This is Anna eating.
Well that's about all we did....just kidding....we had alot of fun trips to IF. Come back Anna I need a couch buddy!

Cy baby's First Birthday! What a cutie!

Jessica made this really awesome cupcakes! .....

And Mj wore them the rest of the night!

Two Party's in one night
Grandma Nina's 70th

Just thought a video of Mj Hunting would be a nice exit!