Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas from home of the Riley's!

I love Christmas....but who doesn't....well there are a few. I can't not tell you how becoming a mother has helped me to fully understand the Christmas story more. In this past year I have learned more about my older brother Jesus and his direct hand in my life every day and during trails. I wish sometimes that I could remember that everyday. I have to say that I love music and during this time of year, Christmas music and sign of the season. Here are a few of my favorites; music, pictures and our life this season!
I rememeber when I first saw this picture in high school. I cried, it spoke to my soul very strong. I felt I was looking at the Savor for the first time. It has helped me through some hard times.

I love the Christmas tree and I thought I would share our tree with you. Anyone that knows me knows that I love butterflies and I can't believe I found beautiful Christmas butterflies to put on my tree. Thank heavens for Tia Pan Trading!

This just reminds me of the joy of Santa and the Christmas season, My mother-in-law bought it My man and I first year married so this is very special to me.

*This is how it looks from our house no one complain, I can't even walk out my door with normal shoes or drive anywhere~

Mj was sick throwing up from 2:30am until 8am this morning. What a wonderful night I hope we've seen the last of it. I can only wash so many blanket...and pj's. Thank heavens for 'Pedilite'.
By the way my daughter favorite toy is a doll she calls "Daddy"(to the right above). Yes, this toy is an adult man doll that was given to me from My Man on Valentines Day. He is called "The Perfect Man" and he says all sorts of really crazy things like "Honey, I left some cash for you to go shopping with the girls today" and "Sure honey lets spend the holidays with your family again this year!" Hilarious, I know. She has always played with him more then any other toy and carries him everywhere. It's hard to explain at the Walmart Check out

Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting into the Holiday's!

Mj made this really cute Santa puppet this weekend, along with making a letter to mail to Santa. She is finally getting the whole Christmas Santa thing. Now I just have to make sure she gets the real purpose....oh yah, that other!

Thanksgiving Day!

The 68 homemade rolls I get assigned EVERY year! Girls if you don't want to be assigned the most consuming food ever to make do not make rolls that are good or you be doing them tell you DIE!