Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Part 4 and 5: Lost Summer Memories of 2010

July 2010

This is a long post mostly because we had a bunch of fun in the month of July. My honey and I had matching shirts for the 4th, it was silly but I like that we are silly together sometimes.
In July we had the 4th of course ...here we are at our house enjoying some of My Mans small purchases for the holiday.

My Man and Mj went over to SLC to see family while they where down to see his youngest sister who lives there. Mj went on a "Daddy Daughter" trip. Bo and I stayed home. I remember those times with my dad and I want her to have the same wonderful relationship I have with my daddy!
We had a wonderful surprise my sis and her husband can up for the weekend, of course my sister wanted to stay. So she sent her honey off back home and she stayed for three more weeks.
We of course went riding...

During this time we had a family reunion in Bear Lake, Idaho. It has been a while since I had been there but I remember the water being super blue. Wasn't disappointed by that memory just remember the beach not being so full of people but that wasn't that surprising its a beautiful place to be.....

We were all kissin on the baby.....

My Sis...for some reason we have very few pictures of us together so we try to remember to get a picture together and not just goof all the whole time!

My Man...Why I am I glaring..haha

Why is his hand up like..."Would you stop kissing me!"

Ok so the next pictures are all of us totally goofing off pretending to be beach models and pretty much anything we could think of....

Darrens signature pose...

Karate kid anyone?

Yes...I am Censured....haha...Can I just say in todays fashions it is extremly hard to find a good fitting top that does plimit down to your navel or make you look like you have a uni boob. Grrr

My sis looks so good after her transplant...I just had to post these she looks super amazing! Below is her Bestee Danni from high school. She was her camping buddy and by the way is an amazing babysitter! Love her!

Laughing as usual

D went for a Canoe Ride

Signture beach pose

Mj why are you sad.....No one knows she is just my little drama queen!

Then 30 sec later.....

"You make that look good!"

Dramatic mother....the Dyeing Swan

This was my absolute favtorite picture took that whole day. Mostly because Danni nailed the timing and the we look like we are in some ad for clothes...well mostly that my husband is doing this fabulous jump that now I have forever.

Later this week after we got back I went to the Grove with my girlee Kristy and her kiddos.

Only snapped a few shots but it was a fun day in the sun!

Below Kristy is reading an artical about how to fine Mr. Right.....

It must have worked because after this week she ended up finding a really great guy! Who knew....

Keep posted for the next MISSING ADVENTURE...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Part 3: Lost Memories of Summer 2010

We always try to go to Lucky Peak when we go to Boise in the summer to play Sand Volleyball with My Mans Boys....his high school buddies. Here is some photos of our fun day in the sun!

This is the gas station was always stop at and get supplies and sometimes fake tattoos but they didn't have any this year!

I love this guys they are so fun to hang out with! My guts hurt from laughing all day while we played. Anyone that knows me would laugh at me playing a sport because I had NO interest in this sort of thing in high school. But I love it now I think mostly because I think these guys make it so fun!

My Man and his Bestees!

Us girlies!

My Man has been working on his fitness he is really looking amazing probably the fittest I have ever seen him very toned and almost has his 6 pack he wants!

We spend some time with Nana I didn't have one of us there in Boise but this was a picture from the weekend before that I didn't blog about either. Nana has come to see her grand babies a few times this summer we love it when she comes ....Mj always says as she pulling away. "But I love her so much mommy....I love her so much!" I have to hold back the tears.

Here is us having a family shindig at My Mans oldest sisters house! He love going there! There is so much room for the kids to play and she is super sweet and they always have so much food.....we miss you guys!!

My little one stuffing marshmallows in his mouth this was hilarious to watch!