Monday, April 21, 2008

My Little Angel is Getting So BIG!

Ok so she is far from being an angel but she is so dang cute that she makes up for being such a rotten pill! Thought I'd post some pictures of how much she has grown since January. She has such a creative personality that makes me laugh and cry everyday. Living with a crazy person can be fun but it can also be very draining!!!

She's BACK!!

If you can't tell just by looking at her that she feels a whole heck of a lot better then I am here to tell you that she looks and feels like a new Jamie! She is having so much fun with her new lungs. She is even going to be directing a huge Spring play this year for the end of our season in June. Her segway is collecting dust that is how great she feels. If you want to read more about her click on the JamieBug link in A few of my Favorite Things... So glad to have my best girlie Friend home. Missed her a ton.

My man and I in Virginia!

Totally so Cute!!.....I know I really need keep myself detracted.

These are pictures of the first trip to be with my honey! I had a great trip there not so great on the way back seeing how every plane I got on didn't wanted to leave on time and I ended up there one day longer. Mj stayed with grandma. It was so good to get away with him.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Picture from the CBTA Concert!!

The Centerstage Performers "Coyote Ugly" Jamie's Acting group that
I directed whikle she was away. Below is the ballroom group called "Extreme Ballroom" . Thanks to Adam at the Morning news for these great pictures!

Finally my life has slowed down enough to post some pictures from the concert we did in February! I know I am a few months behind But here is some really fun pIctures of some of the performers and even Mindee and I. We performed a dance piece called "The Curse" dedicated to Jamie.