Monday, April 18, 2011

My name is Con and these are my shoes!

My little girl has pretty much decided from the get go that she is not going to be feminine AT all. So I have let go of my dream of a little girl following in my footsteps as a dancer. Realizing, I may be on the side lines of sports games instead. Sports is something I barley tolerated in school. what can you say when your daughter runs with boys plays with boys dresses like a boy. Something I learned from my mother is "Pick your battles". I want her to be who she wants to be not what I predisposed her to be when she was a glimmer in my eye.

The Soccer Mom life began this year when D had her sign up for local Soccer. She loves it. When I mean "loves it" - she asks me everyday if she has practice or a game. We have learned to not tell her when its game or practice day because she would ask about it so often I felt like I was taking CRAZY PILLS. She has LOTS of energyand she has a very aggressive "Take No" personality. All things that will help her when she gets on the field to play. If she can just stay focus long enough....hahaha.

Here are some shots from the last two games she played. When she walks out to get onto the field she has this really masculine strut. I think I laugh at EVERY single time she does it. Hilarious, by far one of my favorite things about her. I LOVE that she is just knows who she wants to be even at age 5.

Daddy keeping Bo entertained thats a hard job for sure!

Mj and her coach

My lit'le soccer player is cold!

Super excited because she finally scored a goal!

Here is some video of her in action! They're pretty funny to watch.


Jamie said...

This is so adorable. . .But I find myself in tears. I am missing so many great things and this just makes me miss my little MJ soooo much. Tell her I watched it and I think she's amazing :)

Hanging out with the Riley's said...

Ahwa....she talks about you everyday. Loves calling to talk to you. You are missing some really cold GAMES...hahaha. I mean there first one it freakin' snowed. and this last one it was gray all through her game and cold. So really didn't think you'd be there anyways. I will keep posting on her soccer and things she in. Hope it warms up by the time you get to come! hahaha, "lv u!" from Mj