Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't feel like it.

You know when you just don't feel like postin. You know you should because you have to post about other things that have just happened. Well that's what this is . I needed to post on Easter. It was super fun for my kids I am sure But I really didn't have that great of a time in my personal life during Easter this year. The trip and family time was fun. But every time I think about posting Easter I get a knot in my stomach. I am just getting on with it and posting a few pictures that I liked that I didn't up load on to FB.

Super cute faces and there looks of total wonderment.

Here is our family photo
(thanks to my little niece. Love you!)

We had a really great Easter was really busy but got to see all of my mans fam. Not much time of much else. I wanted to post these because I am going to be doing a new post on 2nd chance prom. So have to play catch up....hahahahaaa.

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