Monday, November 17, 2008

My Mans 30th Birthday

Ok it was my man's thirtieth Birthday the first week of November and I have to say he is one of the single most annoying person to buy for. I can say this now because I have been married to him for over a decade and every time gift giving comes around for him I get the So here is the deal, I am not complaining about how wonderful the reason is but it is still annoying. He NEVER wants anything......he is not the type that looks at things and says I would like that or that looks fun or man if only I had this I could do this with it. To be fair he does this on a occassion....on items that are $500 and up. The thing is I would save for these things but he changes his mind about what he wants monthly ....oh I don't really like that ....or I want it but I wouldn't pay all that money for it. So, he got movies and a robe with farting toilet from Mj HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOV.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I made this Flower costume for Mj to match her
best Friend Layla....they were a show stopper.

Eatin' her bag o' candy with Great Grandma Peery

My little one turned 3 in October.
My Aunt Patti (Jessica's) mom makes
this really cute handmade crotchet
beanies that are too cute. I got Mj one.
She also got a "Barbie" That all I heard
about for one week before she turned three.
And the happy birthday song all day on her
birthday.....even when we were shopping in Idaho Falls
earlier that day. By the way she embarrassed
me so bad when she exclaimed in the middle
of the fabric store...."Mommie farted!"
Which I didn't, it just came out of nowhere
like a ticking time bomb! I thought to myself
" one when she could strike again!"

Elvis and Priscillia Presley boweling!

BSU Season has started and is having a great season!
We watch every game.....well Darren watched every game.
He was so proud the other day when she exclaimed
when he changed the channel and the game
was on and she stopped in her trackes "Boise State!" I thought
he was going to cry with joy....

Jackson,Wy; Grand Tetons with
Dad Riley Family.Mj started her "Mommie and Me Dance"

Yes another least I got a good book to destracted
me from getting OLD!
Eastern Idaho State Fair Parade 1st Place winners!
We won First Place again this year for our schools float.