Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dads Project

Most of you might already know this but my mother wrote this song called, "He knows my name" and my father is the vocalist in this video. Anyways this is a project that I made for my father last month. He wanted it to touch everyone not just members of the church. I think the reason I love this song so much is that it reminds me of times that I have fallen short and had to ask for forgiveness. I got to hear this song a lot while I was making this video, I think thats why I really enjoyed working on this for my dad. I'm posting for those us who ever feel down and need to remember that you are special. Its a good way to remember who you are and where your from.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween with Boo!

Have you
guess what
she is?
We have are
own live Boo
from Disney's Monster
Inc! She even says....Kittie!

My mother is the greatest ever! I really wanted to make Mj a really cute costume this year and my mother helped me make it come true! She is so amazing she put this costume together from scratch. I love her so much! Guess what Mj was!

Mj is TWO!

Darren's mom was in the end of October for Mj's 2nd Birthaday!
Mj was so happy to see her.

This is her cake... we had fun theming her party after Halloween this year!

This is her eating her cake before it got SCARY!
Too many cooks in the kitchen or I guess I should say too many campers in the tent!
She loves her new tent! She was so spoiled this year! Thank you everyone for giving her more toys then she can ever play with in a day!