Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I was going to be a good girl!

I was so trying to make it a goal to post at least one post a month and try for once a week as a bonus. I kinda bombed from out of the gate with not posting in February. 0Ops. So now I will post 2 this month for sure. hahaa.

Thanks to my WONDERFUL example of a blogger (my sister jamiebug.blogspot.com)
I was award a Liebster Award by her. This a great thing to be given! I think blogs are so much more interesting then Facebook posts mostly because they are more involved. Sadly its a dieing art for some of my fellow bloggers. Its nice to get a boost of support from readers who like to read your posts. Please give these out so you can keep your favorite bloggers blogging.

Liebster is a German word that literally translates to "favorite", "dearest" or "beloved". By one blogger giving it to another, they are essentially saying, your blog is a favorite of mine. I think it's great that I have been awarded this. I blog mostly to keep up on events in my life for those family members who live away and want to know whats happen in our life in our little hometown. Also because I LOVE to express myself through all mediums writing has always been a difficult medium for me because I am horrible at spelling and English. I figure the more I do it the better I will get. Hopefully hahaaa.

Here are the rules....

1) Acknowledge the blogger who gave the award by linking back to them
2) Give this award to 5 other bloggers (who have fewer than 200 readers), and let them know through a comment on their blog
3) Post the award on your blog
4) Best of all - bask in the glory, have fun and share the love!

Well here are my picks

Jamie ...Well it pretty obvious why I LOVE this blog. My best friend for life my sis this is her blog. She is a inspiration to me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how she is sooooo dedicated. I always know she will have a new post once a week. I love getting on her blog to see her new thoughts and endeavors she is getting ready to tackle with arms wide open. She is a great example of a blogger and a person with spirit and will. Did I also say she is extremely talented!!!

Candi.. my cousin she is one of the most endearing people I know. I love how she can take on her motherhood with so much joy. We have had a great friendship since I was a little girl. Giggling at night after the lights were out at grandmas as she's telling us to ...GO TO BED! Well as loud as sweet grandma can...haha. I love her family and her strong will for her family. She is the type of mamma bear you don't mess with. hahaa. This is why her blog is SO fun to read.

Sheri....Ahwa sherbear. We started out college roomies and I knew from the moment I met her we where going to be friends. She was super fun to pal around with and now I am far away and the only way I really know what is happening in her life is to read her blog. And she IS A BLOGGER. She is another great example to me of how to "getter done".

Becca....another dear family member that is SOOOO supportive of her friends and relatives ....Im pretty sure to everyone she meets too. She has a smile that is contagious and I light that she shares with people she comes in contact with. I have always looked up to her as an artist and her ability to be so strong. I am younger then her by a few years and I really thought of her as I looked to getting marriage as a teenager. She married the love her life after waiting for him for 2 years. I have always loved reading about them seeing how they live away and I only get to see her once a year. She is a wonderful mother to her babies! Every post wrapped in love and support.

Michelle...I follow this blog not only because her husband is my husbands best bud but because I LOVE her. She so sweet and very cool. I love hanging out with them. There is times were we can't make it up there to see them so I can just get on her blog to see what they have been up to. Thats important to me to keep up so we don't get any surprises just because we live away! :(

Ok and I have to do one more because she is an avid blogger.....
Mary....she is a good friend of mine from high school that I reconnected with after her daughter took ballet from me at my school a few years back.. I am so glad too because she has such a love for her family and life. I love her laugh it is so cheerful. I also love that her blog is so fun to read with her well written posts about what is dear to her. Which is what life and blogging is all about!! right?

Love all my blogger friends but I have picked this ones because I know I have left the award in good hands. Love you all! MWAH!!


Rebecca said...

Thanks Nikkii! Your sweet comments made me tear up! I love you TONS and am so glad your my cousin and my friend.

Jamie said...

Thanks for re-awarding me. LOL I miss you so MUCH every day. . .and I love your blog because even though I am not there every day to enjoy your beautiful family and love up on your adorable children, I can at least get my fix a little through your words and pictures. Bryan even said the other day out of the blue "this summer we can probably fly Nikkii and the kids here to see us" . . .I think he misses ya'll too.

You are one of the most important person in my life. When I was sick and fighting for new lungs I gained strength by the thought of having to say goodbye to you. . I just couldn't let that happen. I hope you know just how much you mean to me and I LOVE you 1,000 times more than I show you sometimes. Never forget that~

Rayce & Candi said...

Awe thanks sweetie. I also don't blot as much as u used to, but with all the craziness in my life right bus, it us a great release and great escape. You are such a sweetheart. Love ya!

Rayce & Candi said...

P.s. I shouldn't type replies from my phone...

Rayce & Candi said...

Awe thanks sweetie. I also don't blot as much as u used to, but with all the craziness in my life right bus, it us a great release and great escape. You are such a sweetheart. Love ya!