Friday, January 13, 2012

Lier ...lier pants on fire!

I kinda had to post this this morning because I finally had the last straw with my 6 year lying to get out of trouble. Said she was going to finally have to spend the day in her room for lying to me. Sad thing is I always give her prompts to tell me the truth and she sometimes does but most the time doesn't. She get so focused on not getting in trouble for the small thing she just LIES through her teeth. I have always threatened the day in her room but never really had the heart to do it. Plus that sux for me can't go anywhere. I saw this quote after this all went down I started feeling like I may have done the above. I know she is still young but I think this is when you have to teach the harder things in life like being nice to others (even when it hard) and not lying to get out of what you don't want to deal with. If I don't make it hard for her when she lies I believe she will just continue to lie mostly because she has. We have been threatening this consequence for the past year. Like I said I have never followed all the way through because she is so young that 2 or 3 hours in her room could seem like forever so we always let her out after a while. I am really trying to do the right thing by teaching her this. I was taught this from my parents and I believe it is what has helps me to be a person with integrity and honor. Plus I was never allowed to run away from my problems or the consequences of my decisions. To be honest ( since we are talk about that...hahaha) I haven't tolerated being lied to EVER. If someone I loves lies to me I see it for what it is and either call them out on it or I make a mental note to not trust them if they want to lie. I think when you really think about it there is never a time when its OK to lie. It really is just a way to run away from what you don't want to say to someone or deal with. White lies are all to common in today's world what use to be a matter of manners sometimes gets justified as I don't want to hurt so I will lie. So anyways, I guess I am just trying to figure out when I should make this a matter of consequence to my children. So I did some research on the matter this the website
I used ....

I feel like it helped me get a better grip on what I am doing with her at her age. I am going to speak with my husband and I think we'll be having to make a new consquese because I think ALL day is a bit much for her at her age. Maybe if she is still doing as she gets older like pass the age of 8 . Then an all day room consequence might be called for. When they can ACTUALLY tell time. Hahahahaa. Here's to the challenges we face a parents! Grrrrr