Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • "What a funny title" is what I know you are all thinking.....hahaha....and you are right is it. But first off, that is one of the shows I just love. I pretty much like anything that is out of the box, well and some things that are in the box too. Just to be honest completely and that is me I cant lie worth crap. Even as an actress.....you would think I would not suck at not telling the truth. sadly this has been my lot in life but I bare it proudly...hahaha. Ok to get to the Second point or the REAL reason now, I Just thought it was funny that I still had not posted about Ol Hollows Eve and here it is Christmas! So I am going to play catch up. So you will have to scroll through the horror to get the to the Blessed Holiday we just celebrated as a family.

Here is some of my decor for the holiday

Master Bedroom

Living Room

I put these little guys into every lantern I owed

Our outsides was also decorated here is my little princess sitting by one of the trees we decorated with ghost's and orange lights.


Nana came in for the holiday and for D and Mj's birthday

Here we are at the trunk R treat

Mj had snack for her birthday party at her preschool....She brought little planets with there own astronauts on them...hahahaha

Bo after we trick or treated some. I took this in a pitch black car and this was the picture I got! What a cutie.

Really intense....as always


My Starnna came to see me at the first of November.....a long awaited trip. We has so much fun we went on a date with one of D's friends from work. It was super fun. Well that was until we decided to take the 68 Camero.

Here we are happily driving..when all of a sudden...

THE BRAKES LOCKED UP as we were getting of the interstate! We saw are life flash before our eyes and it made for a very interesting conversion. One we will remember for a life time.


Mj and My Mans Birthdays!

Number 5.....awha.

Number.......drum roll......32!

WOW this is a horrible picture of ME I am so looking my age....hahaha....but we cleaned up our massive yard before it snowed the next day....we were SUPER lucky. It was a huge job but made easier with my brothers "leaf picker upper" you hook to your lawn mower....yah I dont know the name of that.


8 Years as of November 30th! "Yah, 5 happy years" (My Mans favorite joke when anyone asks how long we have been married)


My Grandpa on my mother side turned the big 80~ so they had a family bash. Here is my two childhood buddies.....well Ja was irritated by me when I was little but we became super close after I was in high school. And the other girl is my bestee cousin. She is expecting and ended up having her water brake two months early and is sitting in a hospital room as of two weeks ago and they think she will have to say 6 more weeks there. CRAZY. I pray for her and her baby to be healthy and ok.



TOO many to choose from!


Oh Christmas Tree....

The stocking where hung by the chimney with care......


This Christmas is the start of many for my children. Mj is old enough to 'get it', she is super excited. Have to say, I may be more excited then her to see her face in the morning. I love the tradition of Santa. Someone out there that just LOVES you. Something that I think needs to be thought about more. Thankful for... a beautiful child born in a stable. I know lives, loves me and knows me by name. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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Jamie said...

Love all the pictures! Your family is soooooooo cute! Seeing these pictures makes me miss being home and I miss out on all the fun things we would be doing here. Happy Holidays!