Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So Far Far way,,,,,,,I mean behind!

Baby Buddies! Some really cute pictures of my new bundle of joy and his buddy that is my best friends boy that was born days after him!

We sold our home or at least excepted an offer on it!

2009 Barney Dixion reunion!

Cute little campers! The Peery side did the reunion this year. So I helped out it was at Heise. A local water park and camping ground. The theme was "spy's" but it ended up being "under the sea"

The best babysitter EVER!

Later....that night we were talking around the campfire with the few night owls that happened to still be up and my honey and I noticed that the water around our trailer was really high. We moved a tent around few times but then we all deiced we better get the camp up to move....lol! One of the most eventful reunions EVER!

Our Annual Girls Night~
We painted nails and laughed it up until 4am!

Family in from BOISE!
An afternoon of horse back riding FUN!

Our local Fireworks.....specatular....lol....sure.

We had our own too!

Bodi's Blessing Day ....His is in a beautiful outfit Nana bought him....Preemie....lol!

He wasn't too happy.... but he didn't cry at all durning the blessing.

Lots of good eats!! Thanks to all the hands that helped!

Playing at Jensen Grove for Family Home Evening

Lava Hot Springs Pool!~ With Mindee!

Mindee lou has been in town for a few weeks and I have been loving it! She would kill me if she knew I posted ANY pictures of her after having Jackson. Sorry about the swim suit shot it all I have that fits me....as you can see it barely does that....lol!

My Man and his beard....lol!

My bestest friend came in from Arizona ....yippy we had so much while she was up!

Playng a the waterpark! Summer is so much fun....'

Just chillin'

Notice there are No pictures of me .....yah I get in a swimming suit I just don't want to Frame the picture.....lol!

Jamie's kid Bella.....Mj Loves her~

Saying goodbye at a local park, to my besfriend Jamie as she heads back to Arizona!

So My Man called me on thurday July 23rd at around 1pm and told me he wanted to go to Boise so if I could be ready to go by the time he gets home that would be great.....lol! MEN. So here is what everyone else got to do while I got everything in order to go.

Our trup to Boise...Swimming and Parties!

Some cute family pictures!

Layla loved playing with all the kids in the backyard at Nana's. She is so sweet to let us bring her with us so we don't have leave her behind. We love her so much.....well not speaking for My Man....lol!