Monday, November 17, 2008

My Mans 30th Birthday

Ok it was my man's thirtieth Birthday the first week of November and I have to say he is one of the single most annoying person to buy for. I can say this now because I have been married to him for over a decade and every time gift giving comes around for him I get the So here is the deal, I am not complaining about how wonderful the reason is but it is still annoying. He NEVER wants anything......he is not the type that looks at things and says I would like that or that looks fun or man if only I had this I could do this with it. To be fair he does this on a occassion....on items that are $500 and up. The thing is I would save for these things but he changes his mind about what he wants monthly ....oh I don't really like that ....or I want it but I wouldn't pay all that money for it. So, he got movies and a robe with farting toilet from Mj HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOV.

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The Neads said...

I totally understand... My husband say's don't get me anything.. I don't need anything... and then talks about stuff that is really expensive,, and then says I don't need that or I'd rather have something else, and I never find out what that something else is... MEN!!! Gotta love em...