Sunday, October 28, 2007

Boise State Season on a roll!

We are all fans of Boise State! We watch them faithfully every week.

Mj is learning how to cheer them on with daddy's help. So far they're 7-1 and their on a roll. Hopefully they get ranked where they should be soon or I think My Man going to have a heart attack. Mj even knows that this is daddy's favorite because every time she sees her jersey she says"Daddy!" She even went and found it the other day when he was watching another college game and wanted me to put it on her. What a great Fan!


Brianna said...

You know I am partial to U of I, but my brother's done, so I guess I can start cheering for Boise!

Bobbins & Toodles said...

We are huge Boise State fans too. Macey and Connor have their own football outfits...maybe someday they'll get to go to a game!