Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our trip to Washington

It is very relaxing in Washington. We had lots of fun hanging out with my mans parents house next to the Columbia River!! Yes, we went and saw the famous lazer light show from my mans childhood and went swimming in the Columbia River too! We pretty much just rested from the long drive to get there in his dad's new house. Later that week we went to 'Silverwood' in Coeur D alene, Idaho. Its a fun little amusement park with roller coasters and an amazing water park. Danny drove most they way what a guy! Anyways, I am a little late in posting this pictures of this summer trip. Life is way to fast lately for any amount of keeping up.

True bliss!! I have never captured this amount of true happiness any any picture EVER!


The girl who took out gluten said...

Such a cute picture there at the end!!!!!! :)

Candi said...

You came all the way up to Couer D' Alene and didn't stop and see us!! Tisk Tisk!! (we are only 80 miles south of CdA) Love ya anyway, and glad you had a fun trip!!