Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting into the Holiday's!

Mj made this really cute Santa puppet this weekend, along with making a letter to mail to Santa. She is finally getting the whole Christmas Santa thing. Now I just have to make sure she gets the real purpose....oh yah, that other!

Thanksgiving Day!

The 68 homemade rolls I get assigned EVERY year! Girls if you don't want to be assigned the most consuming food ever to make do not make rolls that are good or you be doing them tell you DIE!


The Neads said...

ok if you blog food you have to put your recipe girl... Come on that is the first rule in Blog World... HA HA ... WEll I am off to celebrate with my hubby.... Hope you guys have a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS

Jamie said...

I don't get everything I want....just the important ones! I will add something for you on my list ok? Ya know I asked for a baby for 7 years....haven't got that yet :) but I've been so blessed I think I should stop asking for things for myself. I miss you guys esspecially Myriam....if I was home I would just be tempted to play favorites and spoil her.....we know what happens when girls get too spoiled!! I do hope you guys have a great Christmas & you get to be a spoiled girl!!

Love you too!!