Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bo has finally arrived!

5 pd 14 oz

Bad to the Bo-ne!

Nana~ she came over for the whole week to help out. She was such a huge help I am not sure I would have been able to make it through this past week if she had not come to help me. What a wonderful she spoiled us all every day. Thank you mom for your compassion this past week!

Already a BSU Fan!

A daddy's love

Great Grandma!

Beautiful skin....

A little toes!

Bo's first ride in the car seat! He was a very good sport.

Big sis .......well she learning how to be one.

We were all way tired after a fun packed week with our new present from heaven!


The Hammond Family said...

Cute photos! He is darling!

Wade and Jessica said...

HE is ADORABLE!! CAn't wait to hold that little guy soon! MJ looks like she is going to be a good big sister!

Candi said...

Congrats! He is such a doll! Grandma talked about him all weekend. Did you know he is Great-Grandbaby #16 for them! He looks alot like his dad!

Nana said...

What wonderful pictures of the family. I had a wonderful time spending last week with all of you. Thank you for letting me be a part of that first week with Bodi. Love ya

Jamie said...

I agree with Candi....I think Bo looks like Darren. He's really cute & I hope he is still a good baby when I'm there in July!!

periwinkle4 said...

What a cute little guy! congrats!

The Neads said...

I hope he puked all over that blue and orange thing he was laying on. But none the less, he looks good. I'm glad all is well.