Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dear Blogger Universe....

Ok so I think all of you think that I am the most horriable blogger of all time right now. But any of you that REALLY know me know that I have been so busy it was not the top on my list. Sorry blogger universe it not you ....its me.

Here some pictures of what has bee happening the pass two months!

My babies are getting so big! They had fun playing in the sun this summer too.

Mj's first day of Pre School she was so excited and wanted to wear a hat just like daddies. We even put skulls on it so she would feel more at

Kristy and I are walking everyday so we can get to our goal. We started mid August.

The 10 year reunion for class of 1999!

Mj's is really tired of 123 magic but it

EISF ....enough said just look at the pictures you'll get the hint on even why we

just love this 4month picture of bodi...cant believe its already been 4 months!

Krissy just loves this pictures of me so I thought I would post it somewhere! So look the other way if it freaks you out like it does!

Trip to SLC to jessica and wade our wonderful hosts and great! We love you guys! We had a great time.

Me and I my brown sugar!

Fun in Idaho Falls with my girlies! We totally played at the mall like teenagers.....with kids so not really like teenagers at all but it was still fun!

I have had an excusting week! I really look like it in this Life is not learning to get out of the rain ...its learning to dance in the rain! Just love that because I do love to dance and I do love the rain jsut need to put the to together more.


Jamie said...

I love MJ's horse shirt in her 'unhappy' about 123 magic or whatever. It's soooo cute, I would have worn a shirt just like that! Keep them posts coming lady~ I seriously have no other way to really keep up with your life :) I am a long way away from home.

The Neads said...

hey stranger.. you are soo cute... and your kids just major dolls.. glad you guys are having fun... life is busy, but it's a lot of fun too :)

Jamie said...

okay. . .time to post again! Post some cute Halloween pics :)

Jamie said...

okay, So now would be a good time to update your blog! I mean it's like over a month old post! MJ had a birthday, halloween, Darren's new car, YOUR new car. . .come on~ you're totally slacking off!

Love Ya Gutstos