Thursday, October 14, 2010

Part 9: Lost Summer Memories 2010

Guys I am getting so close to catching up! I hope to get all my post done before next week! 3 more Lost Memories to go....

This is a trip I did one day to see my childhood buddy/cousin. She called me and told me she was going to be in town and wanted me to come see her at my Grandparents cabin. I loaded up the kids and headed down the whinding path "The W" back to my childhood. I spent a many a summers and hunting seasons in this cabin. Not sure I would be the same me without it.

Pure country!

Welcome to the Ranch....

My grandparents. Resting this rarley happens they are usually busy busy.

My absolute favorite .....fried zucchini!

Best hostess in the world! I am totally bytes but she is my grandma, people~

Having a yummy picnic.

Both my cousin are expecting...this one has already delivered as of two days ago on Saturday.

Punch stains are so cute on little kids!

Sitting by the stocked pond. yes, I said it ....there are ALOT of fish in this pond. My husband just can't ever catch anything in it...haha.

My baby girl. She is getting so big. I love moments like this with her.

Mj's buddy Layla

My cousin and childhood friend

We found the ruins of the tree house her father built for us girls when the boys wouldn't let us in theirs. Her dad built this really big one that surpassed the boys one...haha. It was our little hiding spot we loved it!

Mj took the picture with my cousin and I so she wanted a picture was sad to see the tree house didn't make it through the hard winters, Mj would have loved climbing in it.

The old red wagon....we use to play with this all the time and it was OLD then...haha

Mj decided even though one of the wheels was broke off, she was going to fix it so she could pull Bodi around.

Mj fixin' on her wagon!

I love little trips like this food, family and relaxation. Good for the mind, body and spirit. Love life and live it. I am glad for the place I came from and look foreword to the place I am going. Mwah!

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