Monday, October 11, 2010

Part 7 & 8: Of (the freakin long) Lost Summer of 2010

One of my bestee's is in a bluegrass band called "Blue Sage". Her group won the opportunity to open for Patti Loveless! Star struck, I really wanted to go. Her mother called me and invited me to tag along with them that weekend. I was so excited! Plus it was going to be a super surprise for her because she didn't have any idea I was coming. I am so proud of her. She just decided to do this and it has changed her life. She plays the guitar now and performs all the time with her band and has gained a new favorite friend. One the band members, who pretty much set everything up, has become really close to her. I love to see her so happy. Some pictures of our trip! Prepare to be impressed....

Blue Sage

Deep in thought.....or trying to get the butterflies to go away!

The performance! And backstage after.

Me me and her honey ...awah!

Her and I had our baby boys with in days of each other! Isn't he super cute?

~My childhood friend~

Ok so I am......

7 hours in the car! Good thing my bestee's sister was there to keep me company.

Later after that wonderful weekend trip. We had a family reunion and a missionary return for my bestee's bro. I didn't get any pictures of the return but I did get some of the reunion.

My Cousin Becca. Love her to pieces but don't get to see her very often. Here is her newest little one.

My Uncle Mikee...this is my amazing uncle again someone I rarely see but have alot of memories with when I was younger. He is a professional artist over in the New York area. He is a professor and has painting in the art shows all the time. He is always so supportive of my sister and I talents. I love him to pieces wish he lived closer so I could hang out with him more. His blog is on the side with all my favorite things. Check it out!

At the tail end of the reunion we had a trail ride with my other cousin, grandpa and mom. we love to go by the river. It was beautiful ride and doesn't take very long to get to. Here we are playing with our horses!

On a sad note my mothers horse had to be put down the following was heart breaking for my mother. A email from my mother......
I spent most of the night last night at the vets office. 
My posse horse that I trained from a colt couldn't get
her gut ache to go away. The vet did every thing he could
think of and 4 sedation shots later, we finally had to let
her go. I trained her from a colt and she was the easiest
riding horse I've ever rode. She and I lead the drill and
parade this year in state competition and our team one
second in both. Ruby had her intestines all in wrong places
and a twist in them also. There's no explanation for these
things from the vet they just happen. Thought I'd let you
all know, since I need some time to feel better.

Love you

....Part 9 & 10 coming soon!

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