Monday, December 12, 2011

Learning a lot lately

Well I am doing another entry on the place of peace I have come to this past month. I have been cleaning out my messy emotional closet lately. I have had some really great "aha" moments. There has been some friend to friend discussions that have helped drive thoughts home But most of it is due to watching a few of Oprah's Life Classes. She is an amazing women who have watched all while I grew up. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. I have seen her become this assertive Icon for the world. I love how she is about sharing joy and change to her viewer. I think meeting her is on my bucket list for sure.
She has started this new project were you sign on for her "Life" Class. She teaches through her life and through life changing moments that doing her show taught her. She picks a thought each week and drives that thought home with true stories from her show that teaches her method of living now later in her life. I know I would like to be more like her ....haha. So I ventured into watching an episode one evening when I had nothing else to watch. And it WAS life changing......

The first one I watched was about Paula Dean. Mind you I didn't sign up for the classes on line I just jumped in with the first one on when I turned my Direct TV on. As it started I could already tell I was going to love watching. I had no idea how that episode was going to drive home everything I was trying to sort through for the past year. There it was being spoon fed to me like a hungry child. lol It was about two or three main stories. In between she talks about what she learned from hearing there story and what person learned. I found myself rewinding to rehear the phases she said so I could make mental notes in my head. "Being responsible for the energy you bring into a situation and being responsible for allowing an energy to be in your space." Seems like a simple enough thing to do and say. Until you really hear what she is teaching. She really talks about how these ideas will be what allows you to become your full potential not what BOX other people put you in. I realized I let my power go...when I am not responsible for the energy I put out and for the energy other people put in my life. There was so much more to this episode. The stories alone were absolutely worth hearing even if that's all you take from this class.
Then I realized in a world of commercial television were so much light and knowledge could go out to the viewers, very little does. I am so thankful for Oprah's creativity and joy she shares with the world. There are lot of classes I have missed. So far I have watched around 8 episodes and just watched one tonight. Again I left feeling emotionally fed and ready to try to apply the method into my life. ...."When someone shows you who they are...believe them!" I can really only watch one a week because it takes me that long to apply it in my mind. I keep the ones that I REALLY need to work on. I delete the ones I think I can't watch again either because it was something I have already learned and only needed a reminder or it was too hard for me to watch. She does have one that I watched a few weeks ago about ...."Love doesn't hurt" I had a hard time watching that one and there was another one on "Being in the present moment" I barley made it through those ones because they were very powerful and had some really hard true life stories. Even though, I am glad I watched the episodes. I realized even if I don't want to watch them again I needed a reminder of that lesson ...for sure!

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Rebecca said...

That sounds pretty neat. I might have to check those things out. It's amazing how things come in your life at the times you need them. Love you Nikkii!