Monday, January 26, 2009

A girl after my own ways!

Me when I was totally too cute (don't worry this phase doesn't last long!). I'm with my totally awesome papa that I guess went through a Josey Whales fad. I love how he always been so fashionable. When he was young he was the first one in his school to have Bell He begged his mom to sew them from his pants they were so big you couldn't even see his shoes.

This is were the pictures of me that are 'cute' stop for a while....after this it gets pretty scary until I hit high school.

I was little girl I use to dress in layers...but not in the 'cool' way. I use to wear purple polka dot shirt with a red striped undershirt, a white lacy cowboy skirt, black shiny spandex Capri pants, tan leggings, socks and black dress shoes. Yes, I thought I was so cool By the way, Yes, I am holding a blanket in this picture ...who knows why, I was a little eccentric.

So all these pictures are because of the other night Mj came out in this outfit! I just had to laugh until I cried. It was very random. But very creative....

Flower Power ya'll!

mmmm....count the layers of shirts! I counted 4

Mj with her Riley side cousins

I know she will be very artistic when she gets older. I see her 'outside of the box' way of thinking even at this young of age. I love it! (Thanks Jess for the Pictures!)


The Neads said...

sooo CUTE... that just cracks me up thinking of how I looked growing up... we all go through our crazy looking stage.. you are just way to cute though... I understand the funny outfits.. we have had our fair share at our home...

Wade and Jessica said...

I LOOOOOOVE those pictures! So funny! Now I see where MJ gets her sense of style! hahaha! You are both the cutest things ever!

Jamie said...

Those pics bring back a lot of memories....I'm sure I could find some pretty dorky photos of me (even current ones) But seeing Myriam makes me cry. I miss seeing her and having her say my name with so much excitement! She looks like she is getting so big- turning into a little girl. I wish I was there to spend time with you two. If you come visit, you'll have to bring my favorite niece. .