Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't rain on my parade!

This is one of the only posts I have done without pictures. I just have to vent about having a great day and then having it rain on my head yesterday.! Darren and I got a great tax return due to my Performing School. This was great news to me not only because it would be great news to anyone but that my school has not made us any money for the three years I have ran it. Yes, sadly it only pays for itself which I can not complain at least it does! I enjoy teaching, love the arts and the children so I don't really mind that it doesn't. I guess I was just really excited that finally I was going to get paid back for some of the hard work that has went into constructing the school from nothing and for nothing. Then comes the rain....I got some devastating phone calls yesterday one that will make me have to face the very difficult task of trying to stay a float after the Spring Show this year with the school, not soon after that one I got one were I found out my stable babysitter that takes Mj when I teach can no longer take her as of Yesterday and then the last but not least was the biggest blow, the investment property that Darren got into with my brother fell through. I almost stopped answering the phone yesterday!! I know the lord will take care of us he always has. He has always helped me with the school and I did get a new babysitter easier then I thought it would be but I am really scared about the money it might take to keep this house from enveloping everything we own! This is a big trial for me ....I am not sure why. I have went through harder things it seems but I really am struggling to stay positive. I am praying for the strength to endure through this if it gets ugly! I know the lords way is not always my way .......dang it! 'If' is good hope I!


Wade and Jessica said...

I am sorry to hear things are not looking up right now. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help. We love you!!

The Neads said...

Trust me things don't always go the way you want, but they will work out.. I have seen that first hand in the last month.. Hang in there girl and if you ever want to talk or just go out for Girls night out.. just call me