Thursday, February 5, 2009

We are cleaning it up!

After 7 years of marriage and purchasing two homes we are sick of the junk we have collected and keep hidden away in the depths of the garage. So, I we are simplifying life. My mother and I were talking and she said something very profound. During the depression they saved everything right down to the glass bottles because the cost on everything to make was so much. We have come from the that everything. Funny thing is we are asked by the General Authorities to save money and buy less things. I want to try to get rid of the junk, the "items" in my life that I have carried around for WAY too long. So that I can save the "Food" I need to be saving not the junk!

Here we are cleaning the garage, being silly, while we work in the snow! It was pretty cold that day but it was fun!

Below is the end result. See the cool storage shelves from Home Depot!

Plus my super cool dance!


Sheri said...

wow! What an accomplishment! Good for you guys!

Wade and Jessica said...

I don't think I have ever seen your garage before! Looks impressive! Way to clean up, maybe you should come to my house and help me with my basement! hahahahaha!

The Neads said...

you two are the cutest couple ever. Good job cleaning up the garage.. I love cleaning things with my hubby it make it so much more fun..

Rachel said...

So, I was just on my blog and saw that you posted...I have to admit, I really don't blog, obviously. lol So I guess I missed a meeting with you the other day. Sorry, I didn't know about it. One of these days, I'm sure I'll get back to blogging, I just had so much time in Virginia and none here. Your blog was a lot of fun to look at. It looks like you guys have tons of fun! Rachel