Wednesday, December 2, 2009

7 years, 5 days and counting.

My Man I and I were sealed for time and all eternity November 30th 2002. Seven years, Five days and We have had a wonderful roller coaster ride that has had some really high having children. We have also had some really low learning how to compromise through our problems. I feel like we have learned so much since we first said the words " I love you". I have to say I have learn a lot about myself in learning to love without conditions...something I still struggle with. I can not tell you how many times I have been hurt by love. I feel that I love very deeply, I forgive too easily and know nothing about either of the two. I wish that I could see us as we are older when we are sitting around hoping to not miss the next weather forecast. I would love to see how we treat each other then. I feel as you grow together you learn to be productive in your marriage and not so impulsive.

Here are somethings that I love about my husband......
He is undoubtedly one of the best kitchen cleaners, dish do-er and laundry helper you could ever have. He not only cleans but he cooks. He is a wonderful cook. I love his steaks and breakfast meals. I just learned he can pretty much make almost anything I can in the kitchen....yes it was a hard fact to swallow. He is an amazing father. He plays with Mj and Bodi everyday. I really do mean everyday. Mj face lights up when he comes home and she loves to just be with him. I often find myself looking for them only to find that they are running after each other in the house and teasing each other. He takes care of his family with always having a job. He was taking care of us before we ever came into his life when he went to school and paid for it as he went. He saved money while in one of hardest times of his He has never not had a job in all the years we have been married even when he was finishing school and he was putting in longer hours at school, he still had a full time job. He is always looking for ways to get out of debt helping free his family from its bonds that ware on love. He will hold back on his wants to pay something off by having the will power to not always get what he wants. He sacrificed to go serve the lord for 24 months of his life in a foreign country. He has taught me by example how to keep the lord in your prayers every night. He has read the Book of Mormon all the way through 5 times the reason I feel this is truly amazing is because I have NEVER read The Book of Mormon all the way through once. He serves his callings and always helps out when the need is placed before he never lets my mother or anyone for that fact clean up dinner alone after we eat, he will go out in the cold to help collect cans for a calling he doesn't have just because he was asked and if someone is moving into the area he always makes time to go and help the priesthood move them in. He is an amazing friend to me. He makes me laugh everyday. He has a contagious laugh that spreads through out a crowd. He bring a joy to me that only he can. He has a beautiful smile that I can't get enough of. He spoils me rotten. He knows when to say sorry and when to say I love you....this important because remember I am spoiled so, I am not the definition of sweet all the melts me like nothing else. He is my best friend, my lover and a true companion.
Everyday I wonder why he picked me. I love him deeply and forgive him with ease......

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