Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Parties in Boise

Mj is really getting the whole Santa thing this year. So we have lots of Santa talks. It is really fun to see the the magic of Santa in her eyes. It an amazing thing to teach your children to believe in something that they can not touch or sometimes even fathom how it is even possible. I believe it is the first time they can truly feel the Saviors think that there is someone who loves everyone in the world so much that he knows YOU.... and he loves you so much he takes all year to give you gifts he got just for you. It something that they can see and understand. I think if this magic is truly instilled in a child they can have a stronger faith in the true meaning of Christmas because they have already felt what it is all about and the Savior.

Our Christmas Tree....

Our Pictures from the Boise Trip Dec 12th

My Beautiful ....funny girl...

Going to Edwards Greenhouse with Jessica and Corey

Reading with Grandpa Ormand

My Beautiful Babies


I will post more Christmas pictures soon.....believe me there are more .....there are always more. Just thinking about all the parties and stuff makes me glad we are now looking into the new year now. Time to set new goals.

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Jamie said...

oh, how I miss you and MJ when I see those pictures :( You had a fun Christmas with lots of family...I missed it this year. Love you A LOT and hope you guys come see us soon!