Monday, April 5, 2010

March Madness....wait its April now!

OK so there is a lot of Pictures in this post because I am a little behind. Hopefully the Pictures tell the story well enough that I don't have to get into a long detail narration for each....enjoy.

My Grandmas 71st Birthday Bash
Love this ladie!

My SLC Trip with my Girlies....don't mind the creepy hotel in the back that's just where we stayed!

We watched Alice in Wonderland in 3D. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite fairy tales I watched the Disney one until everyone in my family was pretty much sick to death of it.

Doin' our business

Catching some sun!

We went to IN - OUT I love that place and had not been to one since we went to one Cali when I was 14 years old. I had to go.

The End.....or until next time!

Just had to post this she is sooo silly, I love it!

My Man and I have been fixing the basement up in our house. So here we are going out in the snow and rain again to pick up base boards, flooring, painting and what ever else come our way.

Daddy Daughter Date! Finally!....My Man took Mj out to see "How to train your dragon" for their date. This is a tradition in my family with my father and is one of the things that I have a great testimony on. I believe this helped me have a close relationship with my father. So I wanted My Man to do the same for our little ones too. This is the very first one.

Easter Egg Hunt at Great Grandmas House.....while she was, which was a little weird for me but anyways the kids had fun. And got lots of candy and also got to see there 2nd cousin Cy. I think Mj ate all her candy by time she got home! Empty basket before....and after!

Easter Morning. I forgot to color eggs and did not remember this until 2:30am in the morning on Easter. I almost started dyeing eggs at 3am in the morning until My Man reminded me that would be "Crazy".

How she used her new Easter candy....I did the same with my sister. Used the candy as lipstick instead of eating


Jamie said...

How precious. Ya know if you post more often you don't have to cram like 5 months into one post :) hahaha~ love you tons!

Our Family said...

Cute photos! One question though, why is there a guy in some pics from your 'girls' trip? LOL!

The Neads said...

Oh that looks like so much fun... Glad you guys are still partying it up... We definetly need to get together sometime