Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Lost Summer 2010 Adventure.....

We had a chance to go see Celtic Women in concert in Boise. I have loved this group since I first listen to them in 2006! I have Irish and Scottish blood that is on both sides of my parents family so this type of music always seems to make my heart sing. One of the high lights was that we got to meet Alex Sharpe! She was a member at the time and has just resonantly resigned to be with her family more in Ireland. She such a sweetheart to all of us even though she didn't know us from Adam. We only got to meet her because my step brother in law dated her after his mission in Ireland and she always invites him to come .....or he asks to be invited...haha.

Brant and Dorothy came along and got us the super great tickets 4 month in advance so we could be really close. My Man loved this concert! I hope that doesn't de-masculate him in your eyes. He just really love beautiful music which is why I love him so much.

She was really sweet and very warm with everyone. It was neat to see her in concert but really cool to see she was just human too.

Mom and Ormand

Us in the the parking lot before the Concert at the Morrison Centre in Boise!
There alot of songs to choose from. The one you are hearing is one of my favorites for their new CD. To hear Alex sing stroll a bit down to the next post....they didn't have her song in my internet music playlisting website.

That same weekend all my college roommates got together to have lunch! There we are The House of Nine! -2 because well, lets just say there was always one or two that came and went that we all said..."dont let the door hitt your *&& on the way out!" haha

All of us are now mommy's!
Man has it been that long.....weird!

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Jamie said...

COol that you got to meet her! What a great opportunity.

It's nice to see you start blogging again ;) Maybe someday you can keep up with me! Love You tons. . .see ya in less than 2 months!!!