Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just for Nana

We waited to see Santa at the mall this past Saturday .....45 mins later we got to see him. I wouldnt have waited that long but we opened our big mouths and promised the kids they would see Santa that day. So we held up to our end of the deal.

Bo had about had it!

Mj couldnt wait....

Below is my friend and her kiddos they tagged along it was nice to have them it made the wait much easier!

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Shelley said...

I soooo KNOW you! :) I'm not sure if you put two and two together, but I am a McKinlay. A Blackfoot McKinlay. --Zac, Justin... Shelley :) You probably know my cousins better, Harmony, Corbin? Anyways I clicked over to your blog and totally knew who Nikki 'Perry' was. ;) Thanks for leaving your sweet message. I haven't blogged in the longest time (because I blog a lot of my creative stuff on HowDoesShe.com) but your comment gave me just the push I needed to blog on my personal blog again. I'm working on one right now,..so THANK YOU. :)

I LOVE your story about Jamie's letter below. It touched my heart so much. Thanks for sharing.