Thursday, December 9, 2010

Remembering a Christmas Miracle

Pretty sure I post on this every year for the past three years so sorry if you have began to get bored with it but let me just say before you tune me out and skip through to the end...The reason I post on the every year is because it reminds me of what is important in this holiday season. If you have never had a chance to touch a real miracle this story is for you! Jamie's life is a true story well biography you could say of one miracle after another. A story that I am so thankful to have has a front row seat to all my life. Her sacrifice was my gain as I learned through her hardships how to love more and need less....a lesson I sadly need over and over again. This year I reflected on the letter Jamie wrote to her beloved Donor....(you can read this on her blog) But I am going to post it here and my response. I hope this gives you love in your heart this Christmas season and don't forget to share its warmth with others.

Dear Donor, How I long so much to know your name. I would speak it with much admiration and love. Another year has come and gone and I have taken care of your lungs as I promised. The gift you have given is one that cannot be purchased at any mall or in any store. You gave me the gift of life, the gift of love and the gift of sacrifice. I know this time of year must be difficult for the family you left behind. I think of the presents they had wrapped with your name on them that you never got to open. . . I can only imagine the sorrow they felt December 9th 2007. I honestly think of you every day. I may not know what kind of life you lead or the things you accomplished while you were here on earth, but I am grateful that you chose to be an Organ Donor, my Hero. One of my Christmas wishes every year for the last three, have been peace and blessings upon your family and loved ones. With more sincerity than I could ever express in words I want to tell you how much I love you! I love you and I know I will get to meet you in the next life. That we will be joined as the sisters that we are. I can't wait until I can thank you face to face when we are reunited in Heaven. You are my Angel, my Hero, and my friend.
.....My Response to her post: What a beautiful reminder of what is important in life! I am sitting here crying...I cry every time I think back to how close we where to losing you and how someone else had to die for you to so much like the story of Christ that it just pulls at my heart strings. He was born knowing he would die much like you...then died so all may live....much like your donor died for you so that you might live. I am thankful for being able to see first hand a wonderful true story...a miracle as in the bible times. Love you always even if you are faraway. Mwah!

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Jamie said...

Awwwww, you truly are my best friend Nikkii. You love me more than anyone else in my life (except maybe Bryan). I will let you two fight it out later. :) December 10th is a very special day for sure. It marks the day my promises from my Heavenly Father were manifested and the miracle became known to all who had become a part of it. You played such a vital role throughout not just my transplant but my life. I was truly blessed to have been given a sister as wonderful, loving and supportive as you are. I love you & I am so very happy that I have got to spend the last 3 years enjoying you and your cute family!