Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Friendship is like a BOOK. It takes a few seconds to burn, but it takes years to write.

In the past two weeks since my best friends returned from her trip to Cali I have really wanted to go and see her. Its weird how you just know when you need a curtain friends championship. So I began talking with her about going to see her and when would be a good time. We came to the conculition that it may be too difficult at this time with my kids and her schedule to get something going. Plus My Man wasn't too hott on the idea of being alone all weekend. But again the feeling came this past weekend and I can't really explain why I just feel this aching to go. I decided to ride down on the shuttle that my aunt works at because its a good deal and I can relax for most of the trip. I began the process of finding the sitters to watch my kids for the first of the week so that I could stay long enough to make the trip worth going. With no avail I hit a road block and was looking at not being able to go with out dumping my beautiful children on already over whelmed friends and family. I kept thing "I guess you really don't have to go...it is just a spur of the moment trip." I listed under the fact I had not seen her in a few months. I now know that it is something more then that. I have often went several months without seeing her and never really thought to much about the time duration between our visits. Almost as if knowing "I will see her soon..." But this time is different. This morning I received a call for her mother. Urgently asking me to call her back when I got her message. As I said "hello", she began to tell me to not worry about a thing and that she would watch the kids so that I could go see her daughter. Floored because her mother is always busy. This is a women who works most of the time until 2 am in the morning to make sure everything is squared away with business and even takes business on vacations with her to get it done. I gladly excepted. Beaming I called my bestee to tell her (part of me knew she was behind it) she told me over the phone..."I can tell in your voice that you need to come stay with me". She is a childhood friend that has known me through so many different periods of times in my life. They sometimes can see and hear things you have chosen not to listen to. It tugged at my hearts strings and I could feel the tears well up in my eyes. Pausing for a moment feeling that warmth. Its hard to explain the love I have always had for Meme. She is always amazed me with her quick wit, strength to bare her trials and find herself through self reflection. Many things that most people do not do at all or not very gracefully she does all the time. Her "Because life is hard and then you die" attitude has helped me realize its always going to be hard. Life is just hard but you can let yourself be molded when you are tested or let it make you hard. She has became so much more then what I thought she would be when we where in high school. Although I loved her and knew she was strong I feared for her testimony going into the harsh world. She blows me away every time I talk with her about her ideas and thoughts on life. Teaching me through simple things how to manage through the crap life can dish out. I can not wait to spend time just paling around, having 2 hours talks about just one idea.....to a man that sounds HORRIBLE! To a girl that is how we cope, learn and heal. I love my friends and think of them all often. I hold my friends dear and cultivate my friendships as much as I can, with out my husband saying "OK I am here too!"...Hahahaha. Below are a few pictures of my creative and talented close friend.

Meme is a spectacular Jazz and Hip Hop dancer/teacher. She started taking Ballet with me when she lived closer and was improving so much that we took the same classes and she had no problem keeping up. She always pushes herself to be the best at whatever she tries.

In one of my older posts I have a section where I talk about going to see her perform this summer with her new band. She has a beautiful voice, we sung together throughout high school and after. Just recently she decided she was going to learn how to play the acoustic and electric guitar. She is doing so good that she keeps up with the other girls in her band that have been playing longer. She has even started giving me a run for my money on playing with her too. I have had to start practicing more trying to get up so we can play together when we see each other.

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Abigail said...

Beautifully written Nikkii!! After all these years, I love you both. I got a little teary reading this!! I hope you have a wonderful visit together!! I think both of you are fabulous women and I live in awe of each of you and your accomplishments. May God continue you to bless you and give you peace.