Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Visiting JamieBug in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Most of you might already know but January 7th I went to see my sister in Pittsburgh. She was a little skinny when I first saw her and thought how the pictures really didn't show this on her blog before I came. But it didn't take her but a few days and she was laughing and talking with me and asking for her arm to get scratched! Later in the week she wanted to start scrap booking again so we went and got a few things to get her started. Her book is really coming along here are a few picture and sweet moments from when I was there! I miss you Ja.....

My Bestest Friend!

Nothing is like a Mothers Love!

Our favorite nurse "Nurse Dan" He is so wonderful to do the little things for my sis that make a long hospital stay not so horrible. He even rubs her shoulder when they ache from the hard bed!

Here is a video of her walking her 1/2 Mile every morning and night while I was there. She was one of the only patients that wasn't walking with a walker. That didn't really surprise me much, she knows how to push through almost anything now!

Her Ol' stand by, her closest friend, her companion....her faithful husband.

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